Equine Colic Relief

USA’s #1 Remedy Stops Colic!

Are You Prepared To Stop Colic?

If Equine Colic Relief is not part of your first aid kit
you could lose your precious Horse!

Have that “Peace of Mind” knowing you have
a first defense against colic.


Colic is still the one thing horse owner’s fear the most. Owners with Equine Colic Relief in their bag don’t have that fear anymore. They know they can just reach into their bag and pull out a bottle that can stop a bout of colic in an average of only 90 minutes. Sand colic cases can take up to 2 hours more, but it can be stopped just as easily and reliably. Of course, nothing but surgery can save a horse with a twisted or telescoping gut or for stones and gravel for that matter. But it works great for the most common forms of colic such as Impaction, Gas, Spasmodic, and Sand Colic without trauma, side effects, duress, or further pain. If you only had one single health product to keep available for your horse, this should be it. Stock several to keep in your barn and in your truck.

Many clients have saved their neighbors horses simply because they ordered it and made it available to their friends. Equine Colic Relief is a safe alternative with natural ingredients and an incredible TWELVE-YEAR SHELF LIFE. It’s ready to work for you and your horse when you need it the most. Just remember that the fastest shipping in the world won’t be fast enough if your horse has a bout of colic without this. Now you finally have a real alternative to just waiting for help to arrive. Now you can take control and help your horse. You are your horse’s number one advocate. Your horse depends on you to make the right decisions. We have all been ‘dreaming’ for an answer to equine colic. So you can do the right thing now or else you could just keep on dreaming.

Order NOW before you NEED IT!

The fastest shipping in the world won’t be fast enough when you have a colic emergency on your hands!

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