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Colic claimed 5 + Million horses World Wide in 2008 or 1 horse every 15 seconds. In horses, the outcome is not always so predicable or pleasant. In fact, Colic is known as the number one cause of equine death. This is a scary statistic, but if you know what to do to prevent the affliction as well as the common symptoms, the danger is less severe. Most horses can survive if they get the proper help soon enough.

Our Clients pulled Equine Colic Relief out of their medical bag and stopped their horse’s bout of Colic in an average time of 90 – 120 minutes so their horses were not among these fatalities. If “Today” your horse has a bout of Colic, can you pull anything out of your medical bag that can Stop it? We know you are afraid of the word Colic. That same fear runs deep in all Owner the first time Colic wreaks violence against their horses.

What’s in ECR, that can Stop a Bout of Normal Colic,From KILLING A HORSE?

This is probably a question; you started asking yourself, as you read what it can do. In 1995 Tim, a brilliant Marine Biological chemist, patented a formula in Nova Scotia, where he lived and did his research. He found a specific combination, of Kelp and Irish Sea Moss, when liquidated immediately, after being harvested from the Baltic Sea, would quickly enter and soften to a pudding like consistency, impacted dead matter. 

ECR purchased Tim’s patent, in 1996 as Part 1 of the 4 Part Formula used to make ECR. The final 3 parts, created by another lab, contain Magnesium, Phosphorus, Potassium, Calcium D, Peppermint oil, Vegetable Glycerin, a little Purified Water and Molasses for flavor and Sorbitol for sweetness. All of which are ingredients approved for human or animal consumption by the FDA.

What Does ECR do during a Normal Bout of Colic?

Combined they form the last 3 parts and processes, that hydrate the bowel tissue, replace Ionic Solutions in the bowel muscles, dissipate Methane Gas and relieve pressure within the bowels. Tim’s formula, is also the 1st part of our formula, which dissolves an impaction and in unison, working with not against the body, each part uses its natural process to effectively stop, a normal bout of Colic.

An example, of what combined natural ingredients can do, is orange juice and bicarbonate of soda. Used alone, soda, when ingested reduces gas, but when added to powdered or liquid orange juice, the soda dissipates the acidity in the juice so its natural Vitamin C, can be used to calm muscle contractions.
Long ago before RX drugs, this mixture was sold by apothecaries to individuals and healers to naturally end stomach cramps.

Are Time Factors the same in each horse and How Can I Determine It’s Working?

Horses, like humans aren’t robots and don’t respond in the same time frame or in the same manner to a product, like another would! Actual time responses used for ECR is determined by 3 years of testing it and continual feed from Clients who use it. One thing is certain, within 10-30 minutes after ingestion, you’ll hear returning or stronger bowel sounds in your horse! If you don’t and their abdomen was fully distended, before you gave them ECR, please wait 10 minutes more! This level of distention usually means the abdomen contained excess gas and/or the bowel was fully impacted. There is only one method to Clinically listen for bilateral bowel sounds as a vet does. You must listen with a stethoscope on both sides of your horses’ abdomen, by 1st starting at the Pelvic Flexure, then slowly working

across their abdomen. When you hear returning or stronger sounds, not sounds like thunder (from gas), but a train coming down the track and a healthy gurgling, ECR is working to stop the bout so relax!

If before you gave ECR you heard sounds indicating gas, if you continue to hear them, but no healthy sounds, hear no bowel activity, sounds like air being let out of a tire or sounds only one side of the abdomen, call your vet! This is NOT A BOUT OF NORMAL COLIC!! THESE HORSES NEED IMMEDIATE MEDICAL/SURGICAL INTERVENTION!!!!! No sounds or sounds such as these, can signal a possible blockage by an obstacle or large amounts of sand, a rupture, twist, torsion or displaced bowel!

Has ECR Ever Failed To Stop A Normal Bout of Colic?

The 4 processes in ECR, return bowel sounds or Motility to the whole bowel so a horse having a normal bout of Colic or Sand Colic, will produce sounds on both sides of the abdomen, within the specified time span, unless something other, than a normal bout of Colic, is occurring!

ECR cannot, help a horse with bowels containing huge amounts of sand, stones, gravel, obstacles, tumors, mesquite beans or bowels displaced/torsion (twisted or kinked) knotted or ruptured, infected or poisoned!

A sad example is a 2 month old filly, which exhibited signs of mild colic and was given ECR, because the barn manager had

used it before and still does to stop bouts, in other horses! After a few minutes she began hitting her head on the stall wall! The vet was  called and after he examined her, he put her down, not from colic but lead poisoning! What the manager didn’t know is for several days, while with her mom at a trainer, she had eaten lead paint chips, in their old barn, off her stall wall, which were in part, was found during the postmortem exam of her bowels. As her small body filled with poison, the pain went from mild to extreme abdominal, muscular and neural! Nothing after she was poisoned, could of saved her life so the vet, put her mercifully to rest!

What Are Recommendations For Me As A First Time User?

Please give ECR time to work! We would never, nor would any Representative or Distributorship Business Owner in the ECR Sales System, tell a Client, not to call a vet, before or after they give ECR! That is your choice, not ours!

As a rule when you hear returning or stronger bilateral bowel sounds, this is a positive indication ECR is working!

One 1st time user, told his Rep. before he used ECR, he put speed dial for his vet on his cell, for his stallion, which had a history of chronic colic! After ECR never failed to return his gut activity and stopped 2 bouts, he removed it and became a True

Believer and client for life, which still remains, his choice!

If you have doubts, after reading the information on this website, we can provide to owners, the phone #’s and/or email addresses of True Believers. This list of clients is made up of intelligent, informed, concerned owners, throughout the world, who volunteered to tell other owners, how using ECR, has changed their lives! They asked us to help, in a FINAL EFFORT to give you and your horse, the same peace from colic, they enjoy! Call 1-888-675-5866 to ask for a name or names from the list.


So We Keep Ours Rather Small. Owning a horse is one of life’s most rewarding experiences, but it takes a lot and we understand.

This is a phenomenal product. I personally have lost a couple of horses to colic, before I found this product. I will never again “NOT” be prepared to STOP a bout of colic and SAVE my horse.

In an Average Time of 10-20 minutes your Horse’s Bowel Sounds Return & as it’s ingested, in unison, 90-200 minutes using a 4 Part Patented Formula Equine Colic Relief Safely and Consistently.



It is not a preventative; it is a remedy that stops a bout of colic that is in progress.

Order NOW before you NEED IT!

The fastest shipping in the world won’t be fast enough when you have a colic emergency on your hands!

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